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What My Clients Say

Each of these testimonials* tells a different story, but there’s one common theme: hypnotherapy & NLP have helped change lives.

I am a survivor of childhood abuse. I battled with some very serious issues. I saw Liviu three times and he has helped me enormously. I now feel calm and at peace, able to carry on with my life. Liviu is caring and experienced. I highly recommend him.

Alice, 36, TV Producer

I can sleep…! Some nights for 6 hours, some nights for 8, but I’ve been getting regular sleep ever since I saw Liviu two months ago. It’s great. I could’t sleep properly for nearly 3 years. The medication was affecting me badly. I was depressed, resentful and my relationship with my son was in pieces. Today I am medication free, depression free and sleep soundly at night. I have my son and my life back.

Ken, 49, Accountant

My life has changed after just one session with Liviu. I experienced a very traumatic event in my early twenties and every time I remembered it – which was at least once a week – I felt physically sick. I saw a psychologist for nearly five years and instead of resolving this problem, I ended up dealing with three other major problems, none of which were resolved in all those years. After only a 2-hours session with Liviu, this thing that tormented me for so long is finally gone. I can remember it, but it no longer physically affects me. I never thought this could be possible.

Joanna, 38, Solicitor

I was terrified to take an elevator. Nine years ago, I got stuck inside an elevator for 2 hours and I developed this phobia. I saw two hypnotherapists before Liviu and none of them really helped. I was very sceptical that anyone could help me and was literally avoiding any places where I couldn’t use a staircase. I work in the City and every day I’d climb up and down 12 floors to my office. My brother saw Liviu for weight loss and it was a real success. He insisted that I contact him. I’m glad that I did. It was a great experience to work with him. It’s a great feeling being able to go everywhere and use the elevator on a daily basis.”

Madhusudhan, 32, Asset Management

I met Liviu on a plane. It was only a three-hour flight and I was getting twitchy because I could not smoke. I was smoking three packs a day at the time and my girlfriend had just split up with me because I simply wouldn’t quit. In only three sessions with him, I managed to reduce the number of cigarettes to five a day, and after two more sessions I gave up completely. I feel like I’m a different man. It was such a lucky meeting. I’ve been a non-smoker now for 11 months, I’m back with my girlfriend and we’re engaged. Thanks Liviu!

Mark, 37, Entrepreneur

I saw Liviu for my severe spider phobia and after a one-hour session I was able to hold a spider in my hand and play with it. It was an incredible feeling. I mentioned to him that my uncle suffered from agoraphobia and didn’t leave his home for over four years. Liviu offered to visit him at home and after six sessions over the course of two months, my uncle was able to resume a fully normal life. He’s now gone back to driving his taxi, something that no one in the family could’ve ever imagined would be possible. Powerful therapy!

Lucy, 21, Student

I had two sessions with Liviu for job interview anxiety. He was brilliant, and patient and gave me the tools I needed to help myself. My first interview was a success. Thanks!

Veronica, 24, Graduate Student

No matter what I did, I could not lose weight. I did not want to go to the gym regularly. I hate the smell of sweat in those places. I saw Liviu and  started to lose about 5 -7 pounds a month. I’ve got so much more energy now. Liviu is knowledgeable and caring. I strongly recommend him.

Joe, 28, Journalist

Just wanted to drop a note letting you know that I’m doing great …I now give presentations in front of 10-20 people on a fortnightly basis. The terror is gone. I never, EVER believed that I would ever say this – but I think I now actually enjoy speaking in public. By the way, the Stand Up And Deliver CDs that you recommended also helped. You are so right, it’s not only about attitude and feelings, but about technique and knowledge too.  I’m learning. Thank you.

Sally, 30, Project Manager

From the first session I noticed a shift in my jealousy and anger issues, which have wrecked all my relationships so far. Liviu really knows how to dig deep and get to the things that really matter. The changes happened immediately and continued to grow over time as the therapy progressed.   It wasn’t always easy, but after the fourth session I was ready to let go of my fears, insecurity and stress. And I felt more peaceful after each session. Generally, I feel much more relaxed and calm and my relationship has massively improved. Personally and professionally my life is so much better.

Anna, 36, Graphic Designer

I have put off starting so many things in my life due to a profound fear of failure. Liviu set me free. I feel positive, content and confident.

Peter, 26, Researcher

I was suffering from anxiety and panic attacks due to the passing of my closest friend. The CBT offered by the NHS wasn’t really working out and after six sessions my GP recommended I try hypnotherapy. Liviu helped me get rid of my fears. Thank you so much.

Luke, 40, TV Director

I was curious about hypnotherapy, and was struggling with resentment and anger. Liviu was excellent. Very easy to speak to. The best thing to do is to relax completely and trust him. I was very surprised at how effective hypnotherapy is.

Peter, 55, Architect

Could not recommend more highly. Professional, kind and skilful. Liviu lives up his website name: I live a full live now. Finally!

Joseph, 60, Manager

The best choice I made in taking positive steps towards improving my life, even if undergoing hypnosis was one of the hardest decisions I’ve ever made. I was afraid of losing control. Now I have more control than I ever thought would be possible.

Christine, 34, Manager

Outstanding therapist. Mr. Tipurita gets results!

Radha, 41, Homemaker

Liviu is the most intelligent and dedicated therapist I have ever met and over the last 23 years I’ve seen quite a few. His approach is as effective as it is refreshing.

Alec, 58, PR

Life-changing! I managed to turn my life around and become the creative man I was always supposed to be. I am really grateful, Thank you!

Chris, 39, Musician & Composer

I had been to counselling for over 4 years.  A friend insisted that I see Liviu… I plucked up the courage and made the call.  I am now off the antidepressants and I finally feel I’m in control of my life. It’s my turn to pass on the recommendation. I am convinced that he can change your life for the better, just as he’s changed mine!

Lana, 28, Designer

I’m so glad I contacted you. My social anxiety was taking over my life. Now my fear has turned into excitement.  I never realised it could be so exciting to really interact with others.

Kim, 37, Mathematician

Just five months ago, I would never have even considered dating. Things have been going really well since our last session. I found a man I really like and yesterday we even talked about moving in together. I can’t believe what a different place I’m in now and how much has changed. Thanks very much for all your help.

Patricia, 29, Script Supervisor

If you are considering hypnosis for any reason, I highly recommend Liviu Tipurita. I went to see him for stress. I was stressed out of my mind about everything in my life – money, health, ageing, my creativity, my purpose in life… He’s sorted me out. He is reassuring, caring, and wise. Every time I see him I feel instantly lifted, happy, and energised. He’s awesome.

Lara, 57, Artist

Thank you for working with [my daughter]… She is so much better. She’s made two new friends, she goes out regularly, she’s even joined a gym. She’s so much more energised and positive. She’s also opening up to me…and last week we went to see a play together. Thank you for changing both our lives.

Maria, 41, Dentist

I’m happy to report I’m doing fine, pretty much taking any glitches in my stride and feeling rather calm as I do so. That crushing sense of being overwhelmed is gone. I feel collected and in control most of the time. I know I’m going through difficulties but I also know that these are temporary situations, and that they’re not going to destroy me. You have helped me so much. I’m very happy for you to use this as a recommendation.

MJ, 62, Banker

You really listened to me. For the first time in my life I felt that someone cared about my feelings, past and present. You have restored my faith in humanity and your hypnosis has given me a joy for living that I didn’t know existed.

Sam, 27, IT

The session with you was excellent… When I got home, I cleaned the whole house, and in the following week sorted through all my things…More than half of them went to charity. It’s so good to finally let go. She’s been gone for so long, and I just couldn’t let go. There’s new energy flowing through my home and through me. I feel a sense of peace and awareness. I feel alive, living in the ‘now’. Is this what they mean by ‘Zen’? Thank you.

Nicky, 62, Retired

Success! Ever since our last session I was back in the zone, fully firing on all cylinders. I sent off the 1st draft of the script yesterday, only 6 hours after the deadline. You saved me. You really did! Can’t thank you enough.

Steven, 35, Scriptwriter

Without hesitation, deviation and interruption I’m recommending you to all my thespian friends. I’m living proof that change is possible and that your hypnotherapy works magic. In the last month I had four casting calls and two were successful. One is a main part 🙂 I feel that I am entering a new phase in my life, thanks to you.

Beth, 25, Actor

I can finally be in the moment, fully present on stage.  The nagging voice in my head is finally silent. I no longer analyse relentlessly if what I’m doing is truthful or not, I just am, and that is truthful in itself. My acting has improved a thousand fold. My gratitude to you is beyond measure…

Luke, 31 Actor

I was sceptical and reluctant. I didn’t think hypnosis would work for me. I was so afraid of losing control. Now I realise that I had no control at all. It was my fear controlling me. You changed me. Life is more relaxing, rejuvenating and refreshing. A pleasure. I’m a total convert. A massive thank you.

Julian, 40, Entrepreneur

I learnt so much about myself and about how the human mind works in our four sessions. I now look forward to the future instead of fearing it. Every new day is another great new opportunity. I’ve doubled my earnings, feel more relaxed, confident and happy. All thanks to you.

Victor, 49, Sound Recordist

My transformation is so huge that it has become a main conversation topic amongst friends and family. The feeling of euphoria that I had after my last session is still with me, two months later. Everybody asks me about hypnotherapy, even friends of friends, and most of them say at some point: “I wish I could do that!” My response is – Call Liviu, you won’t regret it…

Sanjeev, 58, Property Developer

The first time I met you I instantly had this warm feeling and an incredible sense of calm. I still feel it now, a year after our last session. I instinctively knew I would be safe with you and that you could really help me. I was right and it all worked out – just as I envisioned it during THE Time-Line therapy. By the way, I’m now married to (…) and we are very very happy and… here’s the BIG NEWS – we’re expecting a baby girl!

Francesca, 33, Interior Designer

I walked in incredibly sceptical, and left feeling elated. And then I won three matches in a row. My confidence, focus and motivation are back. I’ve never been calmer and more prepared before a match. I’m back in the flow….where I belong. I wholeheartedly recommend you to anyone.

Alex, 22, Tennis Player

I was in such a bad place when I came to see you. Remember? The moment I sat at my desk my mind would just go blank. I would just sit there, staring at the white page on my screen for hours…weeks… months.  It was like all the ideas, all the words just dissipated from my mind and moved further and further away, beyond my reach. You gave me the tools to overcome that and I’m now using these tools every day. They are my tools now. But the biggest realisation was the fact that I had ‘self-hypnotised’ myself in a very bad way. You woke me up from my bad trance. Thanks!

Malik, 36, Writer

I know you probably don’t believe in past lives and reincarnation. I remember the bit about the therapeutic value which you said both before and after the session. However, for me it’s been an incredible experience that confirmed what I’ve always thought – that there’s more to the relationships in my life, particularly to my relationship with (…)..I’m so glad that I finally plucked the courage to do this regression…It’s been incredible and I want to do it again… See you soon!

Gabriela, 36, Makeup Artist

Two years on, the effects of the sessions I had with you are still solid. I lead a much healthier and happier life!

Peter, 55, Film Producer

*These client testimonials have been given to me freely, and as a positive action over the past five years. However, as I do not have specific GDPR related consent for them and because I do not want to add to the deluge of requests from service providers scrambling to comply with the new legislation, I decided not to contact my clients and to anonymise their personal data instead. Therefore, I changed their names in order to fully protect their privacy.

** Disclaimer: Please note these written testimonials from former clients do not guarantee results. As with any therapy, the actual results will vary from person to person.

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